Be That Guy

It is a sad week in American music as we must say a final farewell to the brilliant, complicated and world-changing artist Chuck Berry, who died on Saturday at age 90. The rock and roll pioneer had a bridge-building vision that allowed him to fuse rhythm and blues and pop into a movement that had… Read more »

From Canada To Carolina – 3.1.17

Some artists who write instrumental tunes claim that naming them is difficult. I don’t know. I’m always coming up with weird phrases that seem to have no other purpose on Earth other than to be a jazz or fiddle tune, some of which are named with surreal panache. Consider two of the tunes April Verch… Read more »

Rooting Down and Branching Out
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Everything about Spring is early this year from the flowers on the trees to the warm temperatures to our own show’s Spring Break. Welcome friends, earlier than ususal, to our final Winter show of the year. Setting aside that gnawing climate change anxiety, let us meditate on the roots and branches across Middle Tennessee that… Read more »

Sweet Suit – MCR 2.22.17
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  Even with all of the cool country music fashion we’ve seen over the years, Jim Lauderdale’s Manuel suits included, nobody has ever made me drop my jaw and exclaim out loud like Ward Hayden’s Tex-Mex suit of flowers and jewels on Wednesday night. It was black with tightly embroidered vines and blooms and just covered… Read more »