Seventh Inning Stretch – 10.12.16

  It must be October. A day after the Chicago Cubs pulled off a four-run ninth-inning comeback against the Giants to secure their Division title (rock!), this week’s Roots featured: a band called the WPA Ball Club, Aly Sutton dressed like a cast member in A League of Their Own and four basses (we pun… Read more »

Best. Lineup. Ever. * 10.12.16
Davina and the Vegabonds Promo Pic MCR

  My journalist wife and I have conversations and inside jokes about hyperbole and language inflation. We lament that “awesome” has gone from being a rarely used superlative reserved for cosmically consequential things to just another adjective worthy of yummy pizza. And she laughs at me sometimes when I come home from Roots proclaiming that… Read more »

The Gold Standard – 10.5.16

Photo by Jeff Fasano.       I just finished my friend Tamara Saviano’s heartfelt and fascinating new biography of Guy Clark, the lion of literate Texas/Nashville songwriting of the past 50 years. We’re still grieving the passing of Guy, who died in May. He was remembered and honored at a gala show at the… Read more »

Fair Claire and Talent to Spare

I might not be “Living In Raleigh Now” as the Chatham County Line anthem says, but I sure feel at home here in the capital of NC, just a few miles from my home town and amid the biggest bluegrass swirl of the year. World of Bluegrass is coming off beautifully with hundreds of shows,… Read more »